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Assembly Guide

The mounting of the seat tank and placement of the fittings should be engineered to best fit your application. Below are some ideas successfully used by others in the past.

Cut-away tank showing fuel sump. Suggested mounting positions for valve and elbow fitting in tank bottom and quick drain in sump bottom. Quick drain is almost flush with bottom of sump allowing for nearly total sediment & water drainage. Tank fitting positions should be altered to suit your particular requirements.

To install quick drain:

  • Pick your location at the bottom of the sump, Drill hole using appropriate drill for 1/8" pipe tap. Tap hole with 1/8" pipe tap. Do not tap too deep. Pipe taps have tapered threads as do the quick drains.
  • NOTE: Seat tank bottom is sufficiently thick and seat tank material, by it's nature, should be enough to firmly secure the quick drain fitting without further safety.


    To install grommet style fittings:

  • Pick your location at the bottom of the seat, Drill hole using 15/32" drill bit recommended by the manufacturer.
  • NOTE: We have successfully used 1/2" drill bits and found wood bits leave the cleanest holes.
  • Clean hole and deburr edges. Warm grommet in hot water.
  • NOTE: Do not warm grommet , or water with grommet in it, in a microwave. Grommet may be ruined.
  • Select fitting to be installed. Lubricate large, single barbed end with silicone, oil or grease.
  • NOTE: We have found that gripping the fitting with Visegrips provides for a better handhold.
  • READY? Place the warmed grommet in the drilled hole. Quickly and steadily push the lubed fitting into the grommet. There should be no need to hammer the fitting in, a steady forceful push should do it.
  • NOTE: When these style fittings first came on the scene, I doubted their safety. Years of experience have shown them to be reliable if properly installed. We recommend that the grommets be changed every other year, They are inexpensive, readily available, and easy to install. See "Instructions for further maintenance" section below.


    To install "U" tube:

  • Using the bolts and bent washers provided, install the "U" tube to the bottom of the seat tank.
  • NOTE: The "U" tube holes are oversized due to the difference in coefficient of linear expansion between the plastic seat tank and the aluminum "U" tube causing misalignment of holes due to temperature changes.
  • It may be necessary to flip the "U" tube over for better hole alignment. The threaded inserts have a slight self-locking tendency, however, a little locktite wouldn't hurt.


To install fuel level sight glass: (NOTE: Electronic fuel gauges are available for seat tanks.)

  • Pick your location at the bottom of the sump for installation of the lower elbow fitting and mark location.
  • Pick your location at the side of the seat back for installation of the upper elbow fitting and mark location.
  • Make certain you have sufficient clear tubing to reach.
  • Follow instructions above for grommet style fitting installation.
  • NOTE: If using a Calumet Manufacturing custom seat cover, loops are provided on the left side for tube security.
  • If not using our seat cover you may wish to secure the tube with a cushion (Adel) type clamp as shown. Tube can be banded with tape to show quantity levels.
  • NOTE: Sight glass tube will become clouded and brittle and should be replaced as often as necessary. Sight glass tube is 1/4" I.D. vinyl. See "Instructions for continued maintenance" below.


    Instructions for Continued Maintenance
    These ideas are offered as suggestions. Fuel composition, area climate and conditions may effect life of components. Develop a checklist of inspections for your safety.

  • Prior to vehicle use: Check attachment hardware for looseness and fuel fittings for leaks.
  • Annually: Replace grommets and fuel level sight glass tube.