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Top Quality Seat Tanks-Offered Factory Direct
About Our Seat Tanks

Calumet Manufacturing is the proud manufacturer of the very finest seat tanks available. Our seat tanks are used by several major gyroplane manufacturers and are now being sold factory direct. These are the famous and much sought after seat tanks originally manufactured by SnoBird Aircraft. They are the only popular seat tank to meet the ASTM fuel sump requirement.

Seat tanks are easily adapted for most uses, including light aircraft, off-road vehicles, boats, and go carts. Optional fuel level sight gauge and electronic capaticance fuel gauges are in stock to suit your needs. We even offer a fuel gauge with a low fuel warning light.

Our seat tanks are rotationally molded of PEX material, also used to manufacture farm, airport, and automotive fuel tanks, as well as underground pipelines.

Great care was taken in designing the seat tank mold to insure consistant material thickness throughout. They are strong enough and thick enough to allow drilling and tapping for fittings.

There are hundreds of our seat tanks in use around the world!

Now available in: Black & Translucent White




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